The Internets: DIY CNC Machine Resources & More

A CNC Turning Center in the FAME Lab in the Le...

A CNC Turning Center in the FAME Lab in the Leonhard Building at Penn State. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to CNC machine resources there is nothing better than having the internet at your fingertips.  Whether you’re into DIY CNC, looking for used CNC machines and replacement parts, sharpening your g-code skills, or pondering the pursuit of a CNC hobby, you’ll find a wealth of valuable information.

If you’ve been following me for some time you know that there are a number of sites and locations I’ll periodically tout.  The Practical Machinist immediately comes to mind as a wonderful forum and valuable CNC machine resource for the machinist/operator and CNC hobbyist alike.  Another blog that I frequent, and which I’ve linked in the sidebar some time ago  is the CNC Cookbook blog.

The CNC Cookbook blog  posts are interesting, in-depth, and accessible to all CNC machine enthusiasts.  Bob Warfield covers a variety of topics from cookbooks on using his G-Wizard G-Code editor to advancements in 3-d printing.  With 20,000 and counting members you know you can’t go wrong by dropping in for a visit.

DIY CNC Machine Resources

Which brings me to mentioning a recent post/cookbook Mr. Warfield put together over at CNC Cookbook:

DIY CNC Cookbook: In-Depth Articles on Building CNC Machines, CNC Routers, and 3D Printers

This is the kind of resource you are going to want to take a look at especially if you are considering going the DIY CNC route and building your own.  Mr. Warfield has put together an in-depth cookbook covering all the angles.

G-Code Tutorials

Since I’m touting the expertise over at the CNC Cookbook I thought I’d mention they’ve also cooked up an extensive G-code tutorial and course.

As the man say’s, every machinist should know g-code, and that means you as well.  Jump on over and see what I’m shouting about!

CNC Cookbook: G-code Tutorial and Course

Your Turn

What about you?  Know of a great CNC machine related blog or resource and would like to share?  A favorite CNC internet stomping ground?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to share!


Welcome to Paul’s Haas CNC Machine Resources!

If you’re like me you try to stay on top of the latest CNC machine news, tips, and resources. Whether it be locating good information and prices on a used CNC machine, finding repair and replacement tutorials, or entertaining yourself with a CNC crash video, the web has a wealth of information and resources.

Though, if you’re like me you also want to keep things organized. I cannot tell you how much valuable time I’ve wasted trying to locate sites and information I found on the web at an earlier date.  I’ve begun putting together this site to organize the information I find valuable. I hope that it will be of a service to you as well.

What I hope for this site:

Resources for used CNC machines, CNC tools, and replacement parts

As you can tell from the title of this site, I like Haas.  They’re  high quality, affordable CNC machines and routers.  There is also a slew of great aftermarket websites for the buying and selling of used CNC machines.  I’m always on the lookout for great deals and have already begun adding some site links you may find helpful.  I’ll build on this list over time and perhaps you have a recommendation?  Don’t be shy, drop me a line and let me know what you recommend.

CNC Machine How-to’s and repairs and replacement tutorials

I’ve been in the industry for a while and even I forget some of the details from time to time.  A quick link to a how-to or a Haas CNC tutorial is a great refresher.

Maybe you have a new guy fresh off the chopping block and you’re introducing him to some machine maintenance?  Before he starts that ball bearing replacement you might feel more comfortable having him review some material.

I’ll be locating and linking to CNC tutorials and CNC how-to’s for just those purposes. I might even write a few myself.

DIY CNC Machine Community

We all have knowledge and resources to share. I hope we can bring together a wide range of experience and foster a well organized and reliable resource site we’ll all value and contribute to.  If you have a CNC forum you participate in then please let me know. If you find a great site or DIY CNC tutorial dedicated to CNC repair and replacement then shoot me the link.  Want to write your own DIY CNC how-to and feature it here?  Heck, by all means let me know the details!

Once again, welcome to Paul’s Haas CNC Machine Resources. What resources would you like to share today?