DIY CNC: Woodworking

Unidentified shop, Seattle Central Community C...

Unidentified shop, Seattle Central Community College Wood Construction Facility. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being a Haas CNC machine operator whom has mostly worked with steel and aluminum I often forget about our brothers and sisters who work with wood.  Scouring among the trove of DIY CNC projects, video’s,  and CNC hobby sites this weekend I realized this glaring absence of mind.  Many a person’s first introduction to the tools of our trade are right in the local high school wood shop.  For the adventurous at-home DIYers, wood is a relatively cheap way to begin learning and wetting those chops.

Mick Martin Woodworking

For those interested in working with wood I’d like to direct you to Mick Martin’s site.  Whether you’re a salty veteran of the wood shop or a new DIY CNC acolyte, you can surely find something of value at Mr. Martin’s site.

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