DIY CNC Hobbyists: Blogs and Resources


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For a lot of CNC machine operators the love of CNC machining doesn’t end once we clock out at the end of the day.  Many of us go home to personal shops where we’ve mottled together used CNC machines and parts over the course of a number of years (some of us even buy new!).  Maybe it’s for the simple pleasure of doing it yourself, making money on the side, or maybe your daily job is somewhat of a grind (pun intended) and you’ve a creative streak that needs more expression.  Whatever it is, for those of us with home shops there is a vibrant and thriving DIY CNC community out there.

DIY CNC: It’s Not Just Machine Repair


For some, DIY means repair and replacement. It means learning about your machine and saving yourself time and money knowing how to maintain it’s upkeep and to repair it when it breaks down.  They would be correct, but DIY doesn’t end there.  DIY also means awesome projects, creating stuff for the sake of creating, or even hacking existing products to Make something new.

As Bob Warfield said recently over at his CNC Cookbook blog, manufacturing IS cool again.  We owe some big thanks to the push of the DIY/Maker community for sparking a whole new generations imagination…and some older ones as well.

If you’re new to DIY CNC than take a look at some of the links above: they’re a great place to start and should lead you further along.  If you’re already familiar, or actively engaged, why not share where you find great DIY related information and reading?


DIY CNC Machine Training Videos

I recently joined and now visit a number of  CNC machine forums on a daily basis. I do this for a number of reasons:  I’m looking to stay on top of the CNC machine landscape, I’m looking for DIY CNC how-to’s or to help out someone with a question, and I’m simply looking to be a part of the CNC machining community.  It’s a robust community with some great personalities and a wealth of experience and knowledge.  A couple I recommend if you’re interested: The Practical Machinist and The CNC Professional Forum.

DIY Training Videos: A Crash Course in Milling on YouTube

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One thing I’ve noticed quite a bit recently during my forum visits are persons looking for basic CNC training materials.  They have new recruits in their shops with limited knowledge and are trying to supplement them with solid training materials.  While looking at a few CNC Crash videos over my morning coffee I came across a series of high quality intro to milling videos.

There appear to be 9 video’s in total, with each at around 3 minutes.  These look like a great intro for a student or if you’re taking someone on with little to no experience.

You can start here: Crash Course in Milling: Chapter 1

Always on the lookout for CNC How-to’s and Training Materials


If you know of some valuable CNC machine repair and replacement how-tos, or quality training materials,  drop me a line and let me know.  I’ll happily include them within the site.